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Color-Coded Lever Grease Gun
330502b.jpg Color-Coded Clear Grease Guns enable accurate information of a lubricant by providing visibility of the installed cartridge or grease level if bulk filled.

Made of impact resistant polycarbonate, the clear body tubes are extremely tough and durable and have been designed for many years of use in industrial environments.

Grease guns are available in 10 colors for quick and easy coloring. Provided with both a 6" steel extension and 12" flexible extension.
- 3 way packable
- Have capacity for 14oz (400 gm) cartridges or will fit 500cc bulk filled
- 1/8"NPT threads
- Soft rubber grip for non-slip operation
- Delivers 1 gm/stroke (1 oz/28 strokes)

330509 Yellow
330508 Red
330502 Blue
330505 Light Green
330503 Dark Green
330507 Purple
330506 Orange
330501 Black
330504 Grey
330500 Tan/Beige
1 – 11$80.80
12 – 23$76.76
24 +$72.72