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Adhesive Contents Labels 2"x3.5"
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Adhesive Contents Labels 2" Circle
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Paper Circular Label, 2"
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GFP Label Kit #1-15, 3 color
GFP Label Kit #1-15, 3 Color
GFP Label Kit #1-15, 6 Color
GFP Label Kit #1-30, 6 Color
GFP Label Kit #1-15, 3 Color/Shape
GFP Label Kit #1-30, 3 Color/Shape
GFP Label Kit #1-15, 6 Color/Shape
GFP Label Kit #1-30, 6 Color/Shape
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Daily Frequency Labels
900480b.jpg These labels let the lubrication technician know how frequently any given fill point should be lubricated. Use with colored Grease Fitting Protector or ID Tabs. 180 labels to a sheet.

Part Number: 900480
1 – 24$3.30
25 – 49$2.95
50 +$2.79