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Color Coded Oil Safe Drum Ring
207002c.gif Label Safe Bevelled Drum Rings fit securely and easily to all Oil Safe Containers and provide clear and effective color coding.

The Bevelled Drum Rings provide a number of features and benefits including:

- Available in 10 colors
- Industrial grade with UV Stabilizers and anti-static additives
- Recessed panel for label placement
- A hook for additional labeling options with leashes and pockets.

207009 Yellow
207008 Red
207002 Blue
207005 Light Green
207003 Dark Green
207007 Purple
207006 Orange
207001 Black
207004 Grey
207000 Tan/Beige

1 – 17$2.40
18 – 35$2.28
36 +$2.16



Optional/Related Items
Adhesive Oil Safe Drum Ring Contents Labels .5"x5.5", 20 per sheet
The Oil Safe Drum Ring Adhesive Labels work with the Oil Safe color coded drum rings to provide further labeling of fluids. Resistant to water and tearing, these Content Labels provide for accurate color coding and identification of plant and equipment. Comes as a sheet of Adhesive Drum Ring Content Labels, .5" x 5.5", 20 per sheet.
282409 Yellow
282408 Red
282402 Blue
282405 Light Green
282403 Dark Green
282407 Purple
282406 Orange
282401 Black
282404 Grey
282400 Tan/Beige
1 – 9$3.30
10 – 19$3.14
20 +$2.97

Pocket Frame Leash, pack of 10
This Reusable lash is perfect for securing Label Safe Pocket Frames. The head of the leash is designed specifically for securing in the body of the Label Safe Pocket Frame and holding it tight and secure.

Part Number: 202002 (pack of 10)
1 – 9$3.20
10 – 99$3.04
100 +$2.88

Label Safe Label Leash
Label Leash, Pack of 10
Label Leash - For attaching pockets to containers, machinery, piping and other fittings. Use individually or make a longer leash by connecting multiple leashes together to suit your applications. Unlike traditional cable ties, the Label Safe leash can be easily removed and reused.

Part Number: 202001
1 – 9$3.70
10 – 99$3.52
100 +$3.33