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3 Quart/Liter Drum
Oil Safe 3 Quart Drum This Oil Safe 3 Litre / 3 US Quart Drum is a very practical size for servicing small to mid-range equipment filler applications. Fully interchangeable with Oil Safe lids these drums have a extra wide neck opening for rapid pouring and easy cleaning. Measurements on drum start at .5 quart/liter and continue to 3 quarts/liters in .25 increments. (FYI: There are 32 ounces per quart / 16 ounces per .5 quarts / 8 ounces per .25 quarts)

Product Data Sheet: .pdf

Part Number: 101003 (Old #063595)

Made in USA

1 – 11$14.40
12 – 23$13.68
24 +$12.96


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Color Coded Oil Safe Drum Ring
Label Safe Bevelled Drum Rings fit securely and easily to all Oil Safe Containers and provide clear and effective color coding.
207009 Yellow
207008 Red
207002 Blue
207005 Light Green
207003 Dark Green
207007 Purple
207006 Orange
207001 Black
207004 Grey
207000 Tan/Beige
Made in USA
1 – 17$2.40
18 – 35$2.28
36 +$2.16