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Stumpy Spout Lid
Oil Safe Stumpy Spout This Oil Safe wide spout model is especially designed for applications where a high lubricant flow is desired. Spout has a 1" opening. Spout is approximately 4.75 inches. Match with a Stumpy Extension Hose to help with hard to reach fill points.

Product Data Sheet: .pdf

100500 Tan/Beige (Old # 009705)
100501 Black (Old # 009736)
100502 Blue (Old # 009767)
100503 Dark Green (Old # 009743)
100504 Grey (Old # 009712)
100505 Light Green (Old # 009743)
100506 Orange (Old # 009729)
100507 Purple (Old # 009388)
100508 Red (Old # 009774)
100509 Yellow (Old # 064936) 
Made in USA
1 – 11$46.40
12 – 23$44.08
24 +$41.76



Optional/Related Items
Stumpy Spout Extension
Stumpy Spout Extension
The Oil Safe Stumpy Spout extension hose is a flexible spout hose attachments for awkward to hard to reach areas. Attaches easily to the Stumpy Spout lid.

Part Number: 102021 (Old # 067265)
Made in USA
1 – 11$20.20
12 – 23$19.19
24 +$18.18

Stumpy Spout Valve Kit
Replace the black spout components on an Oil Safe Stumpy Spout Lid. Kit contains one (1) Stumpy Spout Shroud and one (1) Stumpy Spout Valve Inner with two Nitrile O'Rings.

Part Number: 920202
Price: $8.10
Spout Air Breather Valve Kit
Replace the Air Breather on any Oil Safe Spout Lid. Kit contains one stem, button, spring and a Nitrile O'Ring.

Part Number: 920203
Price: $2.70
Lid Seal, Nitrile
Lid Seal, Nitrile. Provides seal between lid and drum. Lids come standard with a Nitrile O-Ring.

Part Number: 920000
Price: $2.40
Stumpy Spout Lid O-Ring Kit, Nitrile
Stumpy Spout Lid O-Ring Kit, Nitrile

Part Number: 920003
Price: $3.00