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Tarp Cover for IBC Spill Pallet
Spill Containment : 450507

Tarps provide protection from the elements for your tanks and the containment itself. They are durable, chemically resistant, and custom fit to the sump to prevent rainwater intrusion that can cost you time and money.

Features Include:

  • Fold-up work area maintains access to the tote for dispensing
  • Weather resistant document pouch 
  • Extremally chemically resistant fabric has long life, even in full UV exposure 
  • Bungee Straps along the bottom keep the tarp in place, and pockets provide an option for adding weight in high winds
  • Custom fabricated for a precise fit 


  • Weight: 15 LBS 
  • Dimensions(inches): 76" L x 80" W x 73.75" H 
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