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Universal Quick Connect 1/2

Universal Quick Connect 1/2" Male

Universal Quick Connect 3/4

Universal Quick Connect 3/4" Male

Universal Quick Connect 1/2" Female

Oil Safe's Universal Quick Connects allow connection to other universal Quick Connects and to all 10 Oil Safe Color Coded Quick Connects permitting zero-fuss connections for special use scenerios. Manufactured from anodized aluminum.

Part Number: F8UNIVERSAL
Oil Safe's Quick Connects offer a flexible, durable, and safe hose interface for use with lubrication management equipment. Manufactured from anodized aluminum, these connects are specially designed to eliminate contamination. Universal terminals are available for connection to other universal Quick Connects or to any of the 10 Oil Safe Color Coded Quick Connects - allowing for zero-fuss connections for special cases. Oil Safe's Quick Connects keep your machinery and fluids lasting longer while maintaining a safe work environment with precise and secure connections that eliminate leaks, spills, and waste.

Part Number: F8UNIVERSAL
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