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Lustor, the proven storage and dispensing benefits you trust in cost-effective, compact and expandable units. The first step to guarantee that clean oil enters your equipment is to filter it to an acceptable level. Lustor systems ensure every liter of oil is protected from on-site environmental conditions. These systems conveniently combine proper storage, filtration and identification to keep your workflow efficient and organized, keeping lubricants dry and contaminant-free before they enter your equipment; saving time and money.

System Features:

  • Polypropylene tanks
  • Pneumatic pumps (3:1)
  • 3-way filtration (10 micron)
  • Oil consumption meter
  • Auto shut-off dispensing tap
  • Oil level indicator
  • Desiccant breather
  • Drip Tray
  • Drum Transfer Hose Kit
  • Drum adapter kit (w/Wall Mount)
  • CE Compliant
  • Can handle fluids up to ISO 680 - recommended to upgrade to the Pneumatic 5:1 Pump 
  • Ability to tie in a 25' remote mount reel 

Optional Upgrades/Add-ons:

  • Custom Fluid ID Label 
  • 3 Micron Filters 
  • 20 Micron Filters 
  • Pneumatic 5:1 Pump
  • Double Spill Pallet 
  • Colorized Quick Connects 

Oil Safe Lustor Lurbication Storage Systems are specially designed for individual and expandable lube rooms.

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  1. FF59001

    Lustor System Spill Deck 

    Part Number: FF59001

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  2. FF50132

    132 Gallon (500 Liter) Lustor Lubrication System

    Part Number: FF50132

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  3. FF50065

    65 Gallon (250 Liter) Lustor Lubrication System.

    Part Number: FF50065

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  4. FF50001

    Wall Mount Lustor Lubrication System 

    Part Number: FF50001

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