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Note: Oil Safe is not suitable for use with fuels or solvents.

  • A fully sealing unit that prevents contamination from getting into the oil
  • Easier dispensing without the need for secondary tools such as funnels
  • Color coding and integration with Label Safe identification products to prevent cross contamination and misapplications of oils

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  1. oil safe stretch spout lid grey
    Stretch Spout Lid
    As low as $58.32

    The Oil Safe Stretch Spout lid is designed for use where precise pouring of lubricants is required including hard to reach areas. With a .5" spout opening and longer spout, this lid is ideal for lower viscosity oils (Less than ISO 220).

    100300 Tan
    100301 Black
    100302 Blue
    100303 Dark Green
    100304 Grey
    100305 Light Green
    100306 Orange
    100307 Purple
    100308 Red
    100309 Yellow

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  2. oil safe stumpy spout lid grey
    Stumpy Spout Lid
    As low as $71.48

    This Oil Safe wide spout model is especially designed for applications where a high lubricant flow is desired. Spout has a 1" opening. Spout is approximately 4.75 inches. Match with a Stumpy Extension Hose to help with hard to reach fill points.

    100500 Tan/Beige
    100501 Black 
    100502 Blue 
    100503 Dark Green 
    100504 Grey  
    100505 Light Green 
    100506 Orange 
    100507 Purple 
    100508 Red 
    100509 Yellow 

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  3. oil safe mini spout lid grey
    Mini Spout Lid
    As low as $63.34

    With an outlet diameter of approximately .25" (7mm), the Oil Safe Mini Spout is ideal for lubrication jobs where equipment filler holes are small such as constant level oilers and machine tools.

    100400 Tan/Beige 
    100401 Black 
    100402 Blue 
    100403 Dark Green 
    100404 Grey 
    100405 Light Green
    100406 Orange 
    100407 Purple 
    100408 Red 
    100409 Yellow 

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  4. oil safe utility lid grey
    Utility Lid
    As low as $31.34

    Multi purpose Oil Safe lid with large outlet hole (approx. 2") ensures controlled fast pouring of lubricants. The Utility Lid is designed to mate with an Oil Safe Standard or Premium Pump on a 3, 5 or 10 liter/US quart drum to take care of hard to reach and time consuming pumping applications such as gearboxes and transmissions.

    100200 Tan/Beige
    100201 Black
    100202 Blue
    100203 Dark Green 
    100204 Grey 
    100205 Light Green 
    100206 Orange
    100207 Purple
    100208 Red
    100209 Yellow

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  5. Oil Safe Premium Hand Pump - Grey
    Oil Safe Premium Hand Pump
    As low as $158.62

    The Oil Safe Premium Transfer Pump offers users advanced functionality for their lubrication needs. Including 5 ft anti-drip discharge hose, easy grip D-Handle, color coding collar, increased efficiency, servicable parts, and a wide range of optional accessories. Designed to handle fluids up to ISO 680.

     102300 Tan/Beige
     102301 Black 
     102302 Blue 
    102303 Dark Green
     102304 Grey
     102305 Light Green
     102306 Orange 
     102307 Purple 
     102308 Red 
    102309 Yellow

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  6. Storage Lid - Grey
    Storage Lid
    As low as $27.13

    With the Oil Safe Storage Lid, Oil Safe drums can be pre-filled for storage and transport and can be located for easy and timely access to fluids where and when needed. Advanced thread design ensures secure fully sealing fit on a 1.5, 2, 3, 5 or 10 liter/US quart drum.

     100100 Tan/Beige
     100101 Black 
     100102 Blue 
     100103 Dark Green
     100104 Grey 
     100105 Light Green 
     100106 Orange 
     100107 Purple 
     100108 Red 
     100109 Yellow 



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